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Keeping Negro League Baseball Alive is dedicated to bringing a part of baseball's forgotten history to life again. We create baseball player cards that are compatible with the popular APBA Baseball game. http://apba.stores.yahoo.net/apbabaseball.html Our cards have been approved and endorsed by APBA. ALL proceeds from card sales go to Negro League foundations and charities. KNLBA is the production of Dr. Charlie Fouché, a member of the Society for American Baseball Research Negro Leagues committee. He has spoken at the SABR annual Negro Leagues Committee meetings, and has authored SABR publications. He is also a member of the APBA Hall of Fame. Thank you for helping us in Keeping Negro League Baseball Alive.

Thanks to our customers, we have been able to donate more than $6200 since March, 2017 to the Josh Gibson Foundation; the Negro League Baseball Museum; the SABR Negro League Baseball Grave Marker Project; the Buck Leonard Association for Sports and Human Enrichment; the Piper Davis Baseball League; the Leon Day Foundation; the Center for Negro League Baseball Research; the Negro League Legends Hall of Fame; the Museum of Negro Leagues Baseball; Noir Tech Research; the documentary on John Donaldson "39 Seconds;" and the Negro Southern League Museum. THANK YOU ALL! If you have a favorite Negro League charity or foundation, please send the contact information, and we will consider it as well. 

Cards are available on our store page and on ebay. We offer more cards on our website store than on e-bay.

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