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What our customers are saying

Thank you so much for all you do to Keep Negro League Baseball Alive. If folks just look at these decades of baseball from an MLB perspective, they are truly missing out on a massive number of great players of the game. You are giving us a glimpse of them like no other game company or entity has ever endeavored to.

Thank you so much, Charlie. I looked at the website and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of teams, including the Atlanta team.

I want them to receive their just due, also. I wish that I could have seen them play. Now, I can not only read accounts in various books, but I can play these historical teams and players on my tabletop.

I am so glad you took the time to put this together. They are teams from the past that should NEVER be forgotten. I look forward to playing with them soon and will be in touch with you for more. :)

Hi Charlie, The Grays are absolutely my favorite team. I have the original GTP 1927 Yankees with the monster Gehrig card. The Grays won both games, 7-5 in the first. Gehrig hit 3 home runs in a losing cause. Second game Grays won 6-5. Great job on the donations.

Thank you for having customer service at such a high level.

Received my cards today. Great customer service. Thanks again for your work and products. They add a very interesting aspect to the APBA hobby. 

Thank you for the speedy delivery the cards. I can't wait to play this weekend. God bless you and Keep Negro League Baseball Alive forever.

I wanted to let you know that the cards all got to me in great shape and are wonderful! My all star team got beat up 10-5 by a Hall of Fame team, but stood firm until a 5-run bottom of the 6th inning did them in! Anyway, thank you again and I think your cards are great!

 I also play APBA and these cards will be a welcome addition. I will purchase more at end of month. It will be a Christmas gift my wife can give me. She understands my gaming hobby and enjoys when I tell her about the players and their stories. I know she will enjoy these cards and the stories of the Negro Leagues.

Good morning Charlie. Thank you for the prompt response and quick turnaround on shipping the cards.

I really appreciate the opportunity to become acquainted 

with these players.

Hi, Mr. Fouche,

The baseball cards were a big "hit;" my brother really likes them. He uses them in a sports-simulation strategy game. Your cards expand this game to include the NLB teams.

Merry Christmas, and keep up your good work!

I finally had a chance to look the cards over and they look good ......... impressed by the quality of the cards. 

I received my first order from you today and immediately placed another via the knlba website. I'm also pleased to be supportive of charities.

I received the cards and they are great! I like that the fact that they are based on real stats, not made up stuff. My favorites are the 1934 Crawfords and 1942 Monarchs because of the realism.

In the future I will be purchasing more. I wonder if you could tell me the card stock that is used for your cards, they are so first rate. 

Your customer service is phenomenal...I received my three All-Time franchise Teams and must compliment you--the team logos on each card is the classiest thing going!...Thanks again for both your work and your charity. Your classy cards bring these outstanding players virtually to life...Thank you sincerely for your great customer service, great product, great work and your great charity.

Received the cards on Tuesday! They are awesome! I love all the extra touches you put into the teams. I will be ordering more in the future and I will do everything I can to help support this endeavor.

I love the three sets of cards you sent -- All-Time NL All-Stars, All-Time Grays, All-Time Crawfords.

The physical quality of the cards is better than most of the cards APBA itself has put out over the years!

One perhaps minor thing I really liked -- the J-0 ratings. I've never understood why APBA didn't overrule their computer, which I assume looked at the 30 or 40 or 50 games the NL guys played that we have stats for, compared that to a 154-game season, and assigned them J-4 and J-3 as part-timers. I'm sure those guys played almost every game, and played hurt.

Charlie, what you do is is very noble. What I do feeds my (APBA) addiction and my love of the Negro Leagues. Monster cards, rare players, these I love. Everytime I get a package from you is like Christmas morning.

Sorry for the lateness on my response... I just got back to Nebraska last night. And awaiting me we’re two boxes of your gorgeous cards!!! Thank you so much Charlie! I am really going to enjoy them!

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery. The teams arrived today and they are works of art. My wife even looked at them and said "honey, these are really cool." They will make a great addition to my "baseball" men collection. I can't wait to start playing them.

Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot. The 1923/24 Santa Clara team arrived today. Not only was the Charleston, Oms, and Mesa reputed to be the best outfield of all-time, but with Marcelle, Moore and Warfield in the infield, there's a case to be made that this may have been the greatest defensive team ever. We'll never know. I just want to congratulate you on this project. I started playing APBA in 1965. In 1975 I was "commissioner" of a face to face APBA league (now in its 39th year) and hand-made hundreds of cards, including just about every significant black star, all of whom have been in my league for decades. What you've done is frankly monumental and deserves a lot of credit.

From customers who have ordered KNLBA cards.